Rental Application FAQ's

Rental Application FAQ's

Rental eligibility is based upon verification of identity, employment, qualifying income, good rental reference history and credit history.

An application is required for each adult over 18 years of age. Applications must be complete to be processed.  This includes all information filled in and legible. All required supporting documentation turned in with the application and the $25 non refundable application processing fee per adult applicant paid by cash.  Our application processing fee is $25 per adult person. The non-refundable fee is required to process the application. Applications cannot be processed without all supporting documents and the cash application fee. Tenant screening services include, checking public civil and criminal records, and credit history. Corresponding with previous landlords and verifying information accuracy. Inaccurate or false information will be just cause for denial.
  Photo Identification is required. (Drivers License, resident alien card, Passport).

  • Employment verification by employer + current paystub copies. Self employed persons can submit three months bank statements and income and expense reports.

  • Verifiable net income must be 3 times the amount of the rent.

  • No conviction for any crime that involves any offense against property, persons, government officials, or that involved illegal firearms, illegal drugs, criminal street gang activity or sex related crimes.

  • No evictions or collections.

  • Signatures of all applicants required on a each page.

  • Credit reports and applications remain the sole property of Summers Real Estate, Inc.

  •  If approved, the application is good towards all the properties we are offering for six (6) months. The full security deposit and first month's rent are due at the time of signing, if accepted and offered a lease.

  • Any false information submitted on an application will be just cause for automatic denial. False information discovered on the application at a later date is just cause to violate the lease and terminate tenancy.

  • Co-signers not accepted.